The Jagiellonian University Medical College offer rooms in the dormitories in Prokocim next to the Faculty of Pharmacy. Informarmation about this dormitories you can find [here]


How to apply

After finishing the formalities regarding beginning of your studies at the Jagiellonian University log in to your USOSweb account and go to Common section tab > Applications > (JU MC) Housing application for a place in a dormitory – application for Erasmus students of the Medical College, academic year 2022/2023 and fill-in the application. If you have questions you can send an email to:  or


Housing confirmation

Usually, it is necessary to provide a proof accommodation to legalize your stay. It may be a tenancy agreement for an apartment/a room or Housing Confirmation for a place in a dormitory. To receive such a document, send an email to the:  or


Jagiellonian University Domitories

The Jagiellonian University also offers rooms in dormitories in the center of Krakow. Informarmation about this domitories you can find [here]