Cooperation offer

We recommend our services and invite to cooperate on:


  • Pharmacokinetic studies of drug candidates in various animal species (mouse, rat, rabbit) following intravenous, intragastric, subcutaneous (including osmotic pumps) and intraperitoneal administration with the possibility of multiple sampling from the single animal (jugular vein cannulation)
  • Allometric scaling and dose selection for clinical trials
  • Evaluation of binding of new compounds to plasma proteins by means of equilibrium dialysis and ultrafiltration with mathematical data analysis (Scatchard method)
  • Assessment of metabolism and transport of new compounds using isolated, perfused organs


  • Basic physicochemical and kinetics studies of drug release in a flow-through apparatus as well as data analysis using mathematical models.


  • Determination of drug (drug candidates) and their metabolites concentrations in blood, urine and tissue homogenates using HPLC analytical methods with DAD, fluorimetric and electrochemical detection as well as LC – MS/MS technique.
  • Chromatographic separation and quantitative analysis of enantiomers in biological matrices
  • Monitoring of drug and metabolite concentrations in blood and body fluids in patients


  • Pharmacokinetic and pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) data analysis using professional software