Cooperation offer

We would like to recommend our services and invite to cooperation in the following areas:


  • Pharmacokinetic tests of drug candidates in different animal species (mouse, rat, rabbit) after intravenous administration (intracaudal administration), intragastric, subcutaneous administration (including osmotic pumps) and intraperitoneal administration, with possible multiple sample collection (jugular vein cannulation)
  • Allometric scaling and dose selection for clinical trials
  • Evaluation of new compounds’ binding to plasma proteins by equilibrium dialysis and ultrafiltration methods, together with mathematical data analysis (nonlinear regression, Scatchard method)
  • Metabolism tests using microsomes, as well as human and animal hepatocytes
  • Evaluation of metabolism and transport of new compounds using perfused organs


  • Basic physicochemical and kinetics tests of compounds releasing from the drug formulation in a flow meter device, and data analysis using mathematical models


  • Determining concentration of drugs (drug candidates) and their metabolites in blood, urine and tissues of animals, using: HLPC with DAD, fluorimetric and electrochemical detection, and LC-MS/MS (Qtrap 4500/ExionLC AC, SCIEX)
  • Separation and quantitative analysis of enantiomers in biological specimens
  • Monitoring concentrations of drugs and their metabolites in blood and body fluids in patients, using LC-MS/MS (including
    dry blood spot – DBS, VAMS) and consultation on drug dosage optimization



  • Individual and population analysis of pharmacokinetic and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) parameters using professional software


For inquiries concerning the aforementioned research offer, please contact the Department at: