1. Where and for how long can you go?

Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Jagiellonian University Medical College can go to foreign universities with which the Faculty has concluded an inter-institutional agreement. The list of universities can be found [here].

You can go abroad for one semester (winter or summer) or for the entire academic year (depending on the terms of cooperation).

1 semester = 5 months

1 academic year = 10 months

2. Before departure / during departure / settlement

Learning Agreement for Studies. First, only the “Before the Mobility” part needs to be completed. Then obtain the signature of the faculty and foreign coordinator. All changes that will occur during your stay at a foreign university should be included in the During the mobility section. However, after the stay, the After the mobility part must be delivered with approval from the foreign university, together with a report including: introduction to the research area, assumptions, purpose of the work, description of results, literature.

Before leaving for the Erasmus+ scholarship and after completing the mobility, it is necessary to check whether all formalities have been completed at the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Jagiellonian University Medical College and the Foreign Student Services Department of the Jagiellonian University.

3. Why is it worth taking part in the Erasmus program?

During your Erasmus trip, you will meet many new, interesting people. It will be an opportunity to make many friends that will last for years and will be a chance to visit new countries and get to know the world. It is also an opportunity to learn the basics of a new foreign language.

Students returning from the scholarship boldly claim that student exchange is an amazing adventure. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to discover your own capabilities and overcome your weaknesses. The student gains experience that cannot be obtained in any other way.