Faculty in a nutshell

The Faculty in a nutshell

The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy, as a part of the Jagiellonian University, is to conduct teaching and research activities at the highest, world-class level, so that its graduates could have the most beneficial impact on health care and the economy in the future.

Pre- and post-graduate training includes teaching future specialists in pharmacy, medical analytics and cosmetology. There is also an English-language Drug Discovery and Development master’s degree program, dedicated to the development of new medications.

The department conducts extensive scientific research related to the search for new biologically active substances as candidates for new drugs, including both preparation of innovative chemical compounds and their broad pharmacological characterization, as well as a number of aspects related drug metabolism in the body, toxicity and safety of use, as well as drug formulation technology.

Application-oriented academic education is intended to prepare high-level professionals who will join the workforce of the pharmaceutical sector in a broad sense, scientific and research units involved in drug work, and institutions regulating the field of health care.

The Mission of the Faculty also includes developing a sense of responsibility for the further development of health care in society, as well as health promotion, among Faculty’s employees and graduates.