Jakub Szlęk, PhD

Address Details
Pharm. D. Jakub Szlęk
Chair of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics
Faculty of Pharmacy
Jagiellonian University Medical College ul. Medyczna 9, 30-688 Kraków, tel. 12 62-05-600
e-mail: j.szlek@uj.edu.pl, jszlek@cm-uj.krakow.pl

Pharm. D., Faculty of Pharmacy, Jagiellonian University Medical College, 2008
Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chair of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics, Jagiellonian University Medical College, 2017, “Designing microemulsion drug forms based on data mining techniques”

Assistant (2008 – 2018), JU MC
Assistant Professor (2018 – ), JU MC

Participation in Grants:
Bilateral Cooperation Poland-Singapore project no. 2/3/POL-SIN/2012 “Delivery of Protein and peptide drugs through dry powder inhalation” – team member
NCN DEC-2012/07/D/NZ7/01673 Project, Sonata 4, titled: “Characterization of hydrophilic matrices as carriers of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors under in vitro/in vivo conditions” – team member

Selected Publications:

  • Mendyk A., Szlęk J., Jachowicz R.: ME_expert 2.0: a heuristic decision support system for microemulsions formulation development, W: Formulation Tools for Pharmaceutical Development, Woodhead Publishing Ltd, Cambridge 2013, 39 – 57. (Book chapter)
  • Szlęk J., Pacławski A., Lau R., Jachowicz R., Mendyk A.: Heuristic modeling of macromolecules release from PLGA microspheres, Int J Nanomed, 8(1), 2013, 4601 – 4611.
  • Adam Pacławski, Jakub Szlęk, Raymond Lau, Renata Jachowicz, Aleksander Mendyk. Empirical modeling of fine particle fraction for carrier-based pulmonary delivery formulations. Int. J. Nanomed. 2015 : Vol. 10, no 1, pp. 801-810.
  • Hossam M. Zawbaa, Jakub Szlęk, Crina Grosan, Renata Jachowicz, Aleksander Mendyk. Computational Intelligence Modeling of the Macromolecules Release from PLGA Microspheres-Focus on Feature Selection. PLoS One 2016 : Vol. 11, nr 6 art. no. e0157610, s. 1-17
  • Jakub Szlęk, Adam Pacławski, Raymond Lau, Renata Jachowicz, Pezhman Kazemi, Aleksander Mendyk. Empirical search for factors affecting mean particle size of PLGA microspheres containing macromolecular drugs. Comput. Methods Programs Biomed. 2016 : Vol. 134, no 2, pp. 137-147.
  • Pezhman Kazemi, Mohammad Hassan Khalid, Ana Perez Gago, Peter Kleinebudde, Renata Jachowicz, Jakub Szlęk, Aleksander Mendyk. Effect of roll compaction on granule size distribution of microcrystalline cellulose-mannitol mixtures: computational intelligence modeling and parametric analysis. Drug Des. Dev. Ther. 2017 : Vol. 11, pp. 241-251.
  • Sebastian Polak, Barbara Wiśniowska, Aleksander Mendyk, Adam Pacławski, Jakub Szlęk. Quantitative Assessment of the Physiological Parameters Influencing QT Interval Response to Medication: Application of Computational Intelligence Tools. Comput. Math. Methods Med. 2018 : Vol. 2018, art. no. 3719703, pp. 1-11.
  • Zofia Tylutki, Jakub Szlęk, Sebastian Polak, CardiacPBPK: A tool for the prediction andvisualization of time-concentration profiles of drugs in heart tissue, Computers in Biology and Medicine (2019), doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compbiomed.2019.103484.

Programming Skills:
– R/shiny
https://sourceforge.net/projects/rscriptsmultivariate/files/ (modules inTrees, MARS, SVM)
– Java

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