How are new drugs created? Prof. Kołaczkowski: “It’s a relay race and team work”

Today, no one can invent a drug on their own. If I design a molecule today and in 15-20 years it turns out to be on the market, it does not mean that I invented the drug. It’s teamwork, step by step. A large group of people are working on this,” says Prof. Marcin Kołaczkowski, Vice-dean for science and development of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Jagiellonian University Medical College, in an interview for the WPROST weekly. – You could jokingly say that all the “easy to discover” things have already been discovered. However, even if a compound were accidentally discovered that had exceptional effects in early studies and did not need to be significantly modified, it is still necessary to conduct a series of more advanced preclinical and clinical tests. And it takes time and money to conduct them. Without them there will be no drug.
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